Pat Reyford, a legend of the UK Rock ‘n’ Roll scene since the 1980s, transported us back to the 1940s and 50s. We were hip to the hot rockin’ R’nB sounds of the Sugar Ray Trio!

Featuring Pat Reyford (double bass and guitar) and Willy Briggs (guitar and double bass) with ‘local’ boy Jack Amblin on drums and Welsh.

Pat led the vocal gymnastics with both Willy and Jack crooning along and occasionally featuring. Willy and Pat switching small guitar and big violin as required. Jack’s drumming reminded us of his talents on washboard and with tap shoes.

They play highly danceable tunes, and we were treated to lindy hopping and swing from visitors, Ichtis and Agnes (check Ichtiandras veliulis on facebook), that caught the mood. They were joined by enthusiastic locals on many songs.

Songs ranged over the two tight sets from very early Elvis to full-on pioneering jazz and swing: ‘There ain’t nobody here but us chickens’ to ‘Crying in the chapel’. Blues were bopped, pops popitty popped and bagels dunked.

Photos by Barry Hill
Review by Nic Groombridge

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