2014-2024: Ten years and going strong

The Mid Wales Rhythm and Blues Club was first established by Chris and Catherine Rogers in 2014. The first artist to play for us was Big Joe Bone in January 2014, closely followed by Sicknote Steve and Darren Eedens.

After two years at its second home at Carad in Rhayader, the club moved to its permanent home at The Muse in Brecon in 2016.  It was here that the heart and family of the Mid Wales Rhythm and Blues Club was formed, with Angus Kings (publicity), Ian Keddle and Jonathan Morris (sound) and Ruth Gibbs (Muse proprietor).

The first international artists to play were Swamp Candy, Matthew Fox and Beki Brindle. Since being at The Muse, the club has showcased artists such as Manitoba Hal (Canada), Ariel Polson (USA), Kaz Hawkins (Ireland), Dom Martin (Ireland, his first UK performance), Greg Koch (USA) and Josh Smith (USA). All headline acts were ably supported by local blues/roots artists.

Chris, Catherine, and their team ran the club up until 2020 when the Covid outbreak closed venues all over the UK. It was during this time that Chris and Catherine made the decision to move to Spain. They left the club in the capable hands of Angus Kings at the helm, ably supported by the team listed below.

When venues were permitted to reopen, the club came back to life with Halfdeaf Clatch, Beaux Gris Gris, Dom Martin, The Achievers and Ian Siegal. The club has continued to go from strength to strength with artists such as Gwyn Ashton, Otway and Barrett, Starlight and Campbell, Trevor ‘Babajack’ Steger and Dave Arcari. We are very proud to be able to bring such prestigious performers to Mid Wales.

Our current team

Angus Kings continues to be the main contact for the Club. Barry Hill is our in-house photographer. Our tech crew is Ian Keddle and Mark Charles, using a state-of-the-art PA system. Jim Kerslake runs this website. Local guitar ace Paul Keddle is our excellent compere, Phil Sheridan looks after our design and publicity, and Robin Skinner handles front of house.